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Editorial review


Augusto Rivera Senior editor

This review applies to version 2.5. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Kalkulator is a small but complete program made with the sole purpose to solve any math problem it's provided with. The application is so robust that advanced users will praise its simplicity, and any Windows OS user will recognize its powerful way to solve complicated equations with a single click through a simple interface.

Kalkulator covers all math problems a High School/College student might have for homework.
Not only that, most engineers/scientists will also find answers to complex problems. The program covers all standard operations (exponentials, sen/cos/tan/log, variables). As for the Statistics field, you can solve problems related to F, P, Q, A, inverse integral distribution, gamma distribution, Poisson distribution, among others.

One of the application's easy-to-use features is that it offers all operations within a click; you can enter any given number and then convert it into any other value or use any formula to have the result for that. The program will display an error message in case the syntax/values are wrong so you can double-check the values and work on it.


  • You can enter any number and convert it into anything with a single click.


  • The Help file won't work on Vista/W7/Mac, only WinHlp32.exe systems can open it, unless you get a 3rd-party solution for this.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 1.2 MB

What's new in version 2.4

Added new function;
user function descriptions

Publisher's description

The Mother of all Calculators, a Swiss Army knife for scientists and engineers. Perhaps the most capable scientific/engineering calculator for Windows.
On one hand, this is a calculator: evaluates expressions with more than 100 functions (trig/inverse, log/exp, statisical distributions, Euler, conditional, user-defined. Expressions are entered in the customary algebraic notation, and only then evaluated. After computing the value, an expression can be modified or corrected, and recomputed at will. There ara also unit conversions, physical constants, computer math (binary, octal, hex), and function graphs included.
For more advanced users, Kalkulator provides less trivial operations: numerical integration and differentiation, interpolaton (linear or cubic spline), statistics (mean, s.d., histograms, polynomial regression), column operations on stat data, polynomial roots, linear algebra (vector/matrix operations and systems of linear equations).
Hard-to-find features: systems of non-linear and differential (ODE) equations, multi-argument function extremum search and point or histogram fitting with an arbitrary function.
Most importantly, advanced features don't obstruct the basic ones. You can use as much of Kalkulator's capabilities as you need, without being hampered by the program capabilities you do not need. Disk save/restore, Help file and other niceties are also included.
Kalkulator has been evolving on various OS platforms for the last 15 years, being refined and polished through all this time, and its author has more than 25 years of active experience in numerical methods and software development.
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